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Why add garnet abrasive in waterjet cutting?

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One of the reasons for the sharpness of water cutting is high-pressure water and the other is abrasive. 

The water first passes through the purified water supply system, where the water is pumped into low-pressure water by means of a pump. Then it is pressurized by the piston into the supercharger, and high-pressure water is generated through the reciprocating compression of the supercharger. Since the piston reciprocates, the high-pressure water generated at this time is not stable. In order to stabilize the high-pressure water, it needs to enter the nozzle through the accumulator.

At this time, the water is pressurized to 60,000 PSI, and the high-pressure water enters the nozzle with a diameter of about 0.1 to 0.25 mm, producing a water arrow of nearly one kilometer per second. However, the water at this time can only cut soft materials. In order to cut hard materials, abrasives need to be added to the water arrows.

The abrasives are usually 30-150 mesh silica or garnet sand.

The addition of abrasive water arrows greatly improves its cutting ability, and it is no problem to cut ceramics, diamonds, etc.

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