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Why not only pay attention to price when choosing garnet abrasives?

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When high-quality garnet abrasives are used for waterjet cutting, the cutting speed is faster and the cross section is smoother. If the quality of garnet abrasive is not good enough, it actually increases the cost in some aspects.

The high-quality garnet abrasive will be washed many times, then screened and magnetically separated. So as to ensure that the hardness of the abrasive is up to standard, the particles are uniform, clean and free of impurities.

These will ensure continuous and stable operation of the waterjet equipment during the waterjet cutting process.

You can rub the garnet abrasives and observe the degree of pulverization of the abrasives. The high-quality garnet abrasives are hard to become powder because of their high hardness. You can also put the sample on a piece of white paper and observe whether the particles are uniform, too large particles may block the water jet during the water cutting process, and too small particles do not have an effective cutting effect.

Put the garnet abrasive in a transparent cup, fill it with water, and shake it. Observe the turbidity of the water and see if there are any floating impurities in the water. Because some manufacturers do not have good sand washing capabilities, there will be more debris in their products, which will block the water jet. If there is mud in it, it will settle in the waste water pool, which will not only affect the reuse of the abrasive, but also be difficult to clean.

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