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Why we use garnet in the water jet cutting?

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Today, we want to talk about the use of garnet in water jet cutting industry.Why people prefer to choose the garnet as abrasive here? Two quintessential reasons should be mentioned here:


To begin with, it also has a very proper hardness.Compared with brown fused aluminum, garnet is better for protecting water knife and reduce wear efficiently. While compared with quartz sand, garnet abrasive boasts a slightly larger hardness, a wider range of use, a faster cutting speed, and a better effect. Quartz sand contains high chloride so that it is easy to cause corrosion inside the water knife.


Furthermore, due to its proper hardness, garnet could be recycled multiple times. Consequently, a fabulous price-performance ratio has become the indispensable character of garnet.


These two advantages make it popular in water jet cutting industry. In hopes it may helpful to you.

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