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Widely Used Of SEPPE Garnet

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Garnet is a naturally occurring gem mineral with uniform physical, chemical, hardness, friability and micro-structure characteristics, which provide the essential properties for filtration and other industrial uses. Applications range from small, single-media filters to technically advanced multimedia commercial .

Water Filtration

SEPPE garnet filter sand is a hard rock garnet and is mined from an almandite garnet deposit. It is ideal for use as the water filtration grained layer in multi-media systems. SEPPE garnet filter sand provides uniform physical characters, chemical and microstructure characteristics. There are no free elements. All oxides are combined chemically as an iron-rich aluminosilicate, which has the formula: Fe3AlO3(SiO4)3. It is as polishing layer for removal of suspended solids down to 1μm, which combined with silicate sand and anthracite filter. 

SEPPE garnet filter sand has certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and has widely used in a variety of filtration application including industrial waste water treatment, municipal water filtration and commercial filtration systems etc.


SEPPE Garnet abrasive is manufactured for waterjet cutting and sandblasting applications. Its natural, angular form makes it a popular abrasive. It is environmentally friendly and low-dusting, due to its durable crystalline structure. Garnet is perfect for tile cutting, countertops, stone cutting, food processing equipment, glass cutting, Kevlar cutting, aluminum cutting, and stainless steel cutting.


1)Cuts fast, reduces abrasive consumption

2)Better visibility while blasting, low dust


4)Chemically inert


Other Application

Garnet is also widely used as anti-slipping material, athletic field paver, bonded abrasives etc.

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