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Will Brown Fused Alumina Be Replace?

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Brown fused alumina is one of the most widely used grinding material in artificial area, and shares a certain strategic importance in world economy. However, with the development of science and technology and people's awareness of environmental protection, brown fused alumina industry has suffered a lot and even been compared to the chicken's ribs, tasteless to eat but pitiful to abandon. Many enterprises are struggling at the edge of death for the lacking of scientific research personnel, let alone research ability and innovation achievements. So, will brown corundum finally end its mission and step down from the historical stage?

From the international view, the demands for imported brown fused alumina products in some developed countries like Europe, America, Japan and South Korea are still growing day by day. Besides, some countries' structural anti-dumping of brown fused alumina in our country can also demonstrate China products' strategic position in world economy.

From the domestic perspective, since the state strategically reconstructs the abrasives production base found in the First Five-year Plan, the brown fused alumina industry has experienced a rapid development not only in product variety but also the scale, which all indicate that it still enjoys certain demands in domestic market.

Along with China's economic and social development and the progress of science and technology, the application of brown fused alumina will become wider and wider. Brown fused alumina undoubtedly, with its uses directly linked with every aspect as industry, agriculture, national defense and people's lives, has turned out to be an important and indispensable part of national economy.

According to a relevant information reported, the German experts claim after years of study that artificial corundum won't be replaced in future 200 years at least. Therefore, brown fused alumina as a common grinding material will not be replaced but still enjoys a broad prospect by technological innovation. What we must do now are to work harder by seeking cooperation and innovation, and develop more required abrasive products. If we succeed, we call it "CHINA abrasive"!

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