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The Main Application Of White Fused Aluminum

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Main Application

Abrasives, polishing and grinding

White fused alumina might be used for surface polishing, either as grinding agent or as polishing agent. It is widely used in grinding and polishing works for industrial sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, glass…

white corundum

All kind of refractories products

White fused alumina have a very great stability, cinsistency and reliability at very high temperatures and with low conductibility, which is really important for refractories products.

refractory bricks

Ceramic Industrial

The addition of white fused alumina to ceramics finished parts improves mechanical strength, hardness and resistance to both wear and chemical corrosion and frictions. Also it enhances thermal and electrical resistance properties providing dimensional stability when heated and a good ability to dissipate heat.

White aluminum oxide powders are used for micro blasting, precision lapping, fine grit grinding wheels, thermal coatings, polishing compounds, etc.

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