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bauxite powder for refractory

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  • SEPPE bauxite powder for refractory
    Bauxite Powder Calcined bauxite is considered as one of the major ore of aluminum. Offered calcined bauxite powder is formed by calcining (heating) top grade bauxite at excessive temperature which ranges between 850℃ to 1600℃.
  • SEPPE Calcined Bauxite Powder
    An impure mixture of aluminous minerals. There are four basic grades of bauxite- Chemical grade- (55-58% min. pure), Abrasive grade- (55% min. pure), Refractory grade- (59-61% min. pure) and Metallurgical grade- (50-55% min. pure). Bauxites are typically classified according to their intended comme
  • Reasons For Cracks On Refractory Brick
    Referred to as refractory brick. Refractory material with a certain shape and size. According to the preparation process, it can be divided into bricks, brick, electric melting brick (Cast Brick), the refractory insulating bricks; according to the shape and size, it can be divided into standard brick, ordinary brick, specific rotation.
  • SEPPE Bauxite For Its High-friction
    Bauxite is a natural, very hard mineral used predominantly in road systems for its high-friction and anti-skid properties.