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A list of these garnet articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional garnet, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Sandblasting Abrasives
    Many factors determine whether you’ll make the right cut, but none is more important than choosing the right abrasive.Garnet is one of the very best abrasive options for many blast shop operations. Some of the benefits like: High Speed, very Low Dust and the lowest Consumption rate compared to conve
  • SGA Garnet Sandblasting Abrasive
    SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive originates from the natural riverbed sand that has been washed 6 times in the production process, and the dust content is extremely low. At the same time, due to the large proportion of SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive and fast settling speed, there is less dust duri
  • SEPPE Garnet in The Field of Waterjet Cutting
    Garnet sand is widely used in the field of water jet. The application of garnet sand makes water jet cutting more perfect and more efficient. This is also the reason why water jetting stands out among many cutting methods, and is now widely used in industry and used in more and more fields. Garnet s
  • Garnet Sand Higher Safety
    Garnet as a natural abrasive can be used for waterjet cutting because of its high hardness, high cutting speed.
  • Alluvial River Garnet Sand
    Waterjet sand, full name of water jet cutting abrasive. Mixing sand into water flow to form waterjet abrasives to cut metal or other materials. Waterjet sand with particle size of 30-150 mesh is usually used as abrasives. Garnet with particle size of 80-100 mesh is the most commonly used.The propert
  • Garnet Sand Useful for Waterjet Cutting
    Garnet waterjet cutting sand is mainly to spray it at high speed to achieve the purpose of cutting. And the cutting strength of garnet sand is thousands of times that of pure waterjet. This way has a wider cutting range, and can cut hard objects such as metals, ceramics, composite materials and sto
  • About SEPPE Sandblasting Garnet Abrasive
    SEPPE garnet sandblasting abrasive has high hardness, long lifetime, high efficiency, low consumption and high recycling rate.In the process of surface preparation, SEPPE garnet is blasted on to the surface of the steel with the use of high pressure compressed air. This process is called sand blasti
  • Is There Anything Waterjet Cannot Cut
    Waterjet cutting is known for its versatility and ability to cut through almost any material, but does even this technology have limits? Are there things a water jet cannot cut through?It's better that the question is phrased this way, what cannot be cut by a water jet rather than approaching it fro
  • Why Choose SEPPE Alluvial Garnet
    SEPPE alluvial garnet is typically found in deposits in river beds or natural hollows and has been smoothed by a steady flow of water. Both river and beach garnet suffer from the tumbling effect of thousands of years which rounds off the edges.Garnet is a hard mineral typically rated between 7.0 and
  • Key Method to Cut Down Repairs to Your Waterjet
    Always keep the working environment free of dust and debris. Especially in the case of waterjets as they are operated in an environment filled with garnet abrasives. So, you have to be cautious about keeping everything clean as much as you can. This will significantly reduce your repair and maintena
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