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intermediate-density ceramic proppant

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  • Which properties should be satisfied by ceramic proppant
    Which properties should be satisfied by ceramic proppant.
  • Ceramic Proppant Loading
    SEPPE Ceramic Proppant Loading‍
  • Proppant Permeability And Mesh Size
    Proppants used should be permeable or permittive to gas under high pressures; the interstitial space between particles should be sufficiently large, yet have the mechanical strength to withstand closure stresses to hold fractures open after the fracturing pressure is withdrawn.
  • SEPPE Intermediate Strength Ceramic Proppant
    Today, We are loading intermediate strength ceramic proppant16/30 in our plant. The garnet will be shipping to Europe client soon from Xingang port China.
  • SEPPE Intermediate-Strength Proppant Characteristics
    With its increased bauxite content, It exhibits superior crush resistance and conductivity under higher closure pressures than lightweight ceramic proppants.It delivers solid and reliable performance in intermediate depth oil and gas wells with low to moderate permeability.