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The advantages of white fused alumina for casting

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White fused alumina, also called white corundum, is widly used in refractory, casting and abrasive materials.

Here is the advantgaes of WFA for casting:

1. The shell type made by white corundum has stable thermochemical properties, high fluidity, and no layering problems;

2. White corundum has high strength, low gas generation, low expansion coefficient, and will not expand and crack under high temperature conditions;

3. White corundum sand itself is resistant to high temperature, and its casting not only has good demoulding properties, but also has good anti-sticking properties, and the shell layer will not peel off, and the curing speed is also very fast.

4. Casting with white corundum has good slackness, and the surface of the casting can meet the requirements in terms of smoothness and flatness;

White corundum is still widely used in precision casting. It is a commonly used investment casting shell material such as alloy castings, core sand, coatings, etc. It can even replace the existence of zircon sand to a certain extent.

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