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high alumina mullite powder

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  • The Use and Advantages of Mullite
    Mullite refers to a series of minerals composed of aluminosilicate and it is a high-quality refractory raw materials.1. Mullite is used in the production of high temperature refractories, ceramics, metallurgy, foundry, electronics and other industries. It has high temperature resistance, high str
  • The applications of mullite
    The applications of mullite
  • Introduce Something About Mullite Powder
    Mullite powder is made from the natural high-quality bauxite,it’s calcined temperature over 1750°C. Mullite powder is an ideal raw material for the following refractory products like a variety of shaped and unshaped refractory, advanced ceramic asanitary ware body, precision casting models and so on
  • This Is A Brief Introduction About Mullite Powder
    Mullite rarely occurs as a mineral in nature. In fact, the word mullite is derived from the Isle of Mull off the English coast, where the only naturally occurring deposits of mullite have ever been found.