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These are related to the refractory materials news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in refractory materials and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand refractory materials market.
  • Cenosphere Refractory Materials
    Cenophere is a kind of fly ash hollow ball that can float on the water surface. It is light in weight and is an excellent refractory material, which is widely used in the production of casting and oil drilling.Cenophere is widely used and produced. All products are carefully sampled Before shipping
  • Bauxite Refractory Materials
    Bauxite aggregate is made of excellent bauxite ores, it is homogenized and calcined under advanced technology. This products are in stable index, homogeneous structure and excellent high-temperature performance.SEPPE remains focused on a single goal: to maximise our customers’ performance. To ensure
  • Refractories for Castables
    Refractory castables is made of high quality bauxite clinker (or other raw materials by sintering or electrofusion) have been widely used because of their excellent properties after proper technological treatment. It is used in refractory structures in high temperature environment (often used in flo
  • Calcined Bauxite in Rotary/Shaft for Refractory Materials
    The high quality of our calcined bauxite products is well recognized in the industry, and our quality assurance process starts with our raw material suppliers.
  • About Our Bauxite
    Our country's bauxite reserves are extremely rich. The uses of bauxite are mainly used as raw materials for refractories, grinding materials, due to high-alumina cement. Bauxite is widely used.(1) Aluminum smelting industry. Used in national defense, aviation, automobiles, electrical appliances, che
  • Cenosphere in Refractory Materials
    The main chemical components of the cenosphere are oxides of silicon and aluminum, of which silicon dioxide is about 50-65% and aluminum trioxide is about 25-35%. Because the melting point of silicon dioxide is as high as 1725 degrees Celsius, and the melting point of aluminum trioxide is 2050 degre
  • About Bauxite Clinker
    Bauxite clinker is a solid material calcined at high temperature in rotary kiln. The main purpose of calcination is to remove crystal water and increase alumina content.The clinker is gray, light yellow and dark gray bauxite clinker. According to specifications, bauxite clinker can be divided into p
  • Refractory Materials for Castables
    High quality, high purity or synthetic refractory raw materials are the basis of manufacturing refractory castables and producing high efficiency unshaped refractory materials. Such as corundum, mullite, calcined bauxite, high alumina clinker, etc.Refractory castables is made of high quality bauxite
  • Coatings with High Alumina in Thermal Baffle
    The molten iron just entering the furnace is above1250-1350 temperature. The freezing point of molten steel is 1064℃, and the smelting point of steel is 1500℃.The steelmaking furnace is full of smolten steel. Why won't it be melted too just like the steel? The reason is that the coatings containing
  • Why Choose High Alumina Refractory Materials for Firebricks?
    The reason why high-alumina raw materials is selected to produce refractory bricks is that its high resistance to temperature increases with the elevation of Al2O3 content.With the decrease of impurity content in raw materials, fire resistance is improved. At the same time, if the aluminum content o
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