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15000psi Ceramic Proppant

SEPHSP proppants have good sphericity, smooth surface, high compressive strength, and perfect long term conductivity.
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  • HSP 40/70


  • 69149000


SEPPE proppant is a professional supplier and manufacturer of ceramic proppant such as Ultra lightweight, light weight proppant, Intermediate strength proppant , Ultra-High density sintered bauxite proppant that are used in the exploitation of hydraulic fracturing in gas & oil fields. Our company is the largest and most technologically advanced high-tech enterprises of ceramic proppant in China. The company has own independent mining resource, modern production technique and advanced technical force. Our proppants have good sphericity, smooth surface, high compressive strength, and perfect long term conductivity, which have fully exceeded the standards of ISO13503-2 and API RP60. We follow the business concept of: Trust, Innovation and Development; and provide our clients with professional and individual service in logistics transport. 


High Strength Proppant

--Specific Gravuty 3.50 g/cm3, high density sintered bauxite proppant, exceptional strength in the deepest wells.

Exceptional roundness and sphericity;

Minimizes wear and tear on production and pumping equipment;

Effective at closure stresses to 15,000 psi;

Maintains high long term conductivity in hot and hostile vertical wells;

Made from sintered bauxite, outstanding crush resistance under high closure stress;

Available sizes: 12/18, 16/20, 16/30, 20/40, 30/50 and 40/70.


Our Advantage

Committed to fracturing excellence

SEPPE Technologies has been a trusted name for more than 15 years and has been at the forefront of bauxite products since its beginning, producing industry-leading aluminum oxide. SEPHSP ceramic proppants are ideal for fracturing virtually all wells, including unconventional wells like tight gas and shale formations and conventional frac- and gravel-pack operations. 


Advancing proppant quality and performance

Proppant is not a commodity to SEPPE Technologies. Ideally, proppant is the only thing that stays in the well after the fracturing treatment, so SEPPE subjects SEPHSP proppant to intense QA/QC to ensure materials quality and performance value. The proppant is quality-tested at the SP manufacturing facility before it is shipped to the wellsite.


Field-proven proppant performance

SEPHSP ceramic proppants match the performance of competitive, high strength proppants and offer superior fracture conductivity in moderate to high stress environments. SEPHSP proppants are thermally stable and provide better conductivity than sand and resin-coated sand. Our proppant meets or exceeds all API and ISO quality standards and is being used by major operators all over the world.


The SEPHSP family of proppants is available in a variety of strength and size options to ensure optimum stimulation and improved production. We have established a supply chain, from the SP to the wellsite to assure customers a long-term supply of reliable, high-quality SEPHSP ceramic proppants.