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80% CaF2 fluorspar in metallurgical industry

Fluorite is also called fluorspar. Its main component is CaF2, which is the main source of fluorine(F)in industry. It is mainly used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, building materials industry and other fields. There are three principal types of industrial use for natural fluorite, commonly referred to as "fluorspar" in these industries, corresponding to different grades of purity.
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  • 10-60mm


  • 25292100


Fluorite is also called fluorspar. Its main component is CaF2, which is the main source of fluorine(F)in industry. Metallurgical grade fluorite (60–85% CaF2), the lowest of the three grades, has traditionally been used as a flux to lower the melting point of raw materials in steel production to aid the removal of impurities, and later in the production of aluminium.

The process of fluorspar lumps is relatively simple. After the natural luorite ore is exploited, they will be directly processed into the size required by customers through physical processing. Generally, the size range of fluorspar lumps is 10-80mm.

Chemcial Composition
S-Fluorspar 80≥80%≤18.0%≤2.0%≤0.08%≤0.20%
S-Fluorspar 85≥85%≤14.0%≤2.0%≤0.06%≤0.15%
S-Fluorspar 90≥90%≤9.0%≤1.0%≤0.06%≤0.10%
S-Fluorspar 95≥95%≤4.5%≤1.0%≤0.06%≤0.10%


(1)Metallurgical industry

It is widely used as a flux in smelting iron, Iron alloy production and non-ferrous metal smelting. Fluorite can reduce the melting point of the slag to promote the flow of a good separation of the slag and metal desulphurization in the smelting process.

(2)Chemical industry

Another important use of fluorite is to produce hydrofluoric acid. It is the key raw materials to produce a variety of organic and inorganic fluoride and fluorine.

(3)Building Materials Industry

Fluorite is also widely used in glass, ceramics, cement and other building materials industries.

(4)Other Uses

Fluorite has dense structure, varied colorful. It can be used as carving material.

Optical fiber conduction and high-precision fields.