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Garnet for Water Filtration Media

SEPPE is produced from crystalline almandite garnet deposits. Thank to its sharp edges from crushing, this kind crushed garnet acts more like a sharp cutting tools so that it is superior to alluvial and have been shown to cut better and faster.
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  • 10-20 20-40 mesh


  • 25132000


Garnet sand is chemically inert non-metallic minerals commonly found in the natural environment. Garnet has high specific gravity. Its chemical, hardness and durability properties market garnet and ideal filtration media and abrasive media. Garnet is a naturally occurring gem mineral with uniform physical, chemical, hardness, friability and micro-structure characteristics, which provide the essential properties for filtration and other industrial uses. 


Chemical Composition & Physical Property

Chemical Composition
Al2O3 17-25%
SiO2 34-40%
FeO+Fe2O3 28-31%
MgO 5-8%
MnO 0-1%
TiO2 0-1%
CaO 1-2%
Physical Property
Bulk Density 2.1-2.4g/cm3
Specific Gravity 4.0-4.2g/cm3
Hardness 7.5-8.0 Mohs
Common Size

4/8, 8/10, 10/12, 

12/16, 16/30, 20/40


Water Filtration Media

SEPPE garnet filter sand is a hard rock garnet and is mined from an almandite garnet deposit. It is ideal for use as the water filtration grained layer in multi-media systems. SEPPE garnet filter sand provides uniform physical characters, chemical and microstructure characteristics. There are no free elements. All oxides are combined. Therefore, Garnet is a good choice as water filtration media.

Garnet has a large ratio, no organic matter and soluble acid, so it has its advantages in filtering water. It competes with silica sand, ilmenite, magnetite and others in cost, durability and effectiveness. Garnet has stable properties and low price, which can be widely used in petroleum and water treatment industry.

Garnet as water filtration media, with wear resistance and corrosion resistance, small particles, moderate porosity characteristics, can filter out 10 μm impurities in water, with other types of filter material use, the effect is better.


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                                   Main Markets                           Total Revenue(%)
                                  North America                                  40.00%
                                 Domestic Market                                  21.00%
                                     Mid East                                  10.00%
                                 Southeast Asia                                  10.00%
                                      Africa                                   9.00%
                                    Eastern                                   5.00%
                                  South Asia                                   3.00%
                                South America                                   2.00%