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High Alumina Grade Sintered Mullite

Sintered Mullite, the natural high-quality bauxite as raw materials, through selective process and multi-level homogenization, then sintered at over 1750℃.
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  • 1-3mm


Sintered Mullite sand, choosed the natural high-quality bauxite, through multi-level homogenization, calcined at over 1750℃, is a high-quality refractory raw materials. It is characterized by high bulk density, stable quality stability thermal shock resistance, low index of high temperature creep and good chemical corrosion resistance performance and so on.

Due to its low alkaline impurities factors which make superior performance quality. It's an ideal refractory material for variety of shaped and monolithic refractory, advanced ceramic asanitary ware body, precision casting models and so on. The equipment prepared by mullite is not only high temperature resistant, but also long life and corrosion resistant. According to different particle size, it can be divided into mullite sand and mullite powder. Regular Sizes: 0-0.5mm, 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 200mesh, 325mesh...

Chemical Analysis %
Al2O360.0 (58.0Min)Na2O0.06
Fe2O31.3 (1.5Max)MgO0.02
Physical Data
Bulk Density g/cm32.65MinMoisture %<0.5


Mullite sand as a great refractory material can be widely used in metallurgy, investment casting, refractory castable, ceramic foundry, insulating firebrick, electronics and other industries.

For its high temperature resistance, high strength, low thermal conductivity, and significant energy saving effects. Sintered mullite are suitable for petroleum cracking furnaces, metallurgical hot air furnaces, ceramic roller kiln, tunnel kiln, electric porcelain drawer kiln, Lining of glass crucible kiln and various electric furnaces.


* Uniform expansion

* Excellent thermal shock stability

* High load softening point

* Small high temperature creep value

* High hardness

* Good chemical resistance