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Light Weight Cenosphere For Refractory Material

Cenosphere is a hollow ball of fly ash that floats on water , and it's mainly composed of silica and alumina. It's widely used in refractory and thermal insulation materials, building materials, petroleum industry, insulating materials, coatings industry, ect.
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SEPPE cenosphere, Like fly ash, they are naturally occurring by-products of the burning process at coal-fired power plants. Unlike fly ash though, cenospheres are lightweight, inert, hollow spheres comprised largely of silica and alumina and filled with air and/or gases. Since they are inert, they are not considered a pozzolan. And because they are very small and have high compressive strengths, cenospheres can be used as a structural lightweight filler.



Particle Shape





White Gray



Specific Gravity




Floatage Rate






Main application

Cenospheres In Paints And Coatings

There are a great many uses for cenospheres in the paint and industrial coating industry, due to the additional qualities they provide. For example, cenospheres are often used in coatings to control infrared radiation, giving those coatings an advantage over ones that merely attempt to limit thermal conductivity.

Cenospheres In Oil field

In the oil and gas industry aluminosilicate microspheres (cenospheres) are used as an additive in drilling mud when drilling wells for various purposes. This application significantly increases the efficiency and service life of the drilling equipment.In addition, drill microsphere solutions also increase the intensity of the drilling wells.


Cenospheres In Heat-Insulating Refractory Concretes

Microspheres, due to their fire resistance and high heat-insulating properties, are used in the production of thermal insulation materials. The high temperature of microsphere shell softening allows, with the appropriate selection of the binder, creating refractory coating and insulating materials for industrial equipment. 





Packing & Delivery

Packing : Net 600kg big jumbo bag. Or as your requirements.

 Please click here to learn more about it:CENOSPHERE COA.pdf

Company  Information

Founded in 2015 in China, SEPPE is the world's leading manufacturer of Aluminum Oxide materials in severe conditions - including sintered bauxite proppants, fused alumina, and bauxite materials - used in Ceramics & Refractories,Oil & Gas fracturing, Casting & Foundry, Blasting & Polishing, Abrasives & Grinding, more than hundreds of application worldwide. It's seamless global distribution network ensures smooth delivery of materials from SEPPE plants to all around the world.

Trade & Market

                                Main Markets                               Total Revenue(%)
                               North America                                      40.00%
                             Domestic Market                                      21.00%
                                   Mid East                                      10.00%
                               Southeast Asia                                       10.00%
                                     Africa                                        9.00%
                                 Eastern Asia                                       5.00%
                                   South Asia                                       3.00%
                               South America                                       2.00%