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Low Density Lightweight Proppant

Ceramic proppant is made from high-quality bauxite through powder granulation and sintering. It is a key material for fracturing. Ceramic proppants are mainly used in hydraulic fracturing process to improve oil and gas production.
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Ceramsite proppant is mainly made of high-quality bauxite. The raw material is crushed, finely ground into fine powder and then mixed with various additives and sintered at high temperature. The proppant has the advantages of high compressive strength, low density, good sphericity, high smoothness and strong electrical conductivity. Fracturing proppant can be widely used in deep well production and high pressure reservoir fracturing to improve oil and gas production.

Manufacture Technique

ceramic proppants  ceramic proppants






² High Strength Ceramic Proppant


² Intermediate depth oil and natural gas wells with closure stresses up to 15,000 psi and higher.


² High crush strength and conductivity in the deepest wells.



² Intermediate Strength Ceramic Proppant


²  High performance in natural gas and oil wells with closure stresses of up to 12,500 psi and higher.

² High flow capacity for optimal returns.

² Provides a high fracture conductivity in moderate depth wells.

² Good economic





² Light Weight Ceramic Proppant




² High performance in moderate depth natural gas and oil wells with closure stresses up to 10,000 psi and higher.

² Widely used ceramic proppant.

² Excellent for slick water fracturing applications and horizontal wells.

² Lower settling rates to achieve more efficient proppant placement.

² Density similar to Sand with much higher crush resistance than sand.



² Ultra-lightweight proppant



² Closure stresses up to 7500 psi and higher.

² Reduces proppant settling.

² Allows for increased propped length.

² Can be more useful in situations where high pump rates or carrier fluids with low viscosities are needed.

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Founded in 2015 in China, SEPPE is the world's leading manufacturer of Aluminum Oxide materials in severe conditions - including sintered bauxite proppants, fused alumina, and bauxite materials - used in Ceramics & Refractories,Oil & Gas fracturing, Casting & Foundry, Blasting & Polishing, Abrasives & Grinding, more than hundreds of application worldwide. It's seamless global distribution network ensures smooth delivery of materials from SEPPE plants to all around the world.

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