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95% Natural Fluorspar Powder

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  • The Contribution Of Fluorite To The New Energy Industry
    Fluorine materials have become an important force in new energy and materials, and with the development of new energy in the world, they have opened up a huge development space for fluorinated materials.Fluorine chemical products are mostly used in industrial sectors such as household appliances, au
  • SEPPE Fluorite powder
    Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is the main source of fluorine in industry, and is one of the 20 important nonmetallic mineral raw materials in the world. It is widely used in metallurgy, aluminum smelting, glass, ceramics, cement, chemical industry. The pure, colorless and transparent fluorite c
  • What is fluorspar powder and what is it used for?
    Fluorspar powder (Fluorite powder) can be divided into dry powder and wet powder.Mainly used in chemicaUnder the epidemic situation of Xinxiang crane foreign trade enterprise development countermeasuresl industry, metallurgical industry, buliding materials industry and other special industry. Acid g
  • What is fluorspar used for ?
    Fluorspar also called flurite, is a natural mineral with CaF2 as the main component.So what is it used for ?1.Metallurgical IndustryThe use of fluorite as a combustion accelerant can effectively reduce the melting point of refractory substances and effectively separate metal impurities. Generally, t