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BFA for sandblasting

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  • BFA And Garnet For Sandblasting

    Brown corundum is an artificial abrasive, while garnet is a natural abrasive;Brown corundum is made by bauxite and in a 2200 ℃ electric arc furnace at high temperature. It is brownish red or reddish brown.Garnet abrasives are extracted from rock minerals and processed into various particle sizes th

  • Do You Know The Differences Between BFA And WFA?

    1) Their colors are different. Brown Fused Alumina (BFA) is brown and White Fused Alumina (WFA) is white.2) BFA bulk density is (1.53~1.99g/cm3) and true density (3.90g/cm3). While WFA bulk density (1.75~1.95g/cm3) and specific gravity (3.95~3.97g/cm3).3) Main raw material of BFA is bauxite, and mai

  • About SEPPE Brown Fused Alumina

    SEPPE Brown fused alumina is an aluminium oxide, produced by fusion of calcined bauxite in Electric Arc Furnaces at a temperature of abt. 2000 degree Celsius. BFA has a high refractoriness, is extremely hard and stable. According to the application and requirements BFA is produced in Fixed furnace k

  • Money saving alternative for used abrasive

    With subtractive machining processes, the discussion eventually turns towards what to do with the collected leftover bits. While CNC mills have to worry about material chips and oils, abrasive waterjet users have to deal with spent abrasive. With abrasive feed rates capable of exceeding 2lbs a minute, that spent abrasive can accumulate at a very rapid rate. What to do with that used abrasive tends to fall into three catego​ries: disposing, recycling, and repurposing.

  • Application Of SEPPE Brown fused Alumina

    Brown fused alumina Use Castable 1.Iron casting material Suitable for large, medium-sized blast furnace iron groove has a plurality of tap-hole of main slag line area, hot metal area, ditch, slag ditch, ditch lining swing.

  • BFA And WFA For Sand Blasting

    Abrasive blasting is an mechanical operation of cleaning or preparing a surface by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material on the surface using a compressed gas (typically air) or pressurized liquid (typically water) as a propellant.