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abrasive white corundum

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  • White fused alumina for refractory and abrasive
    SEPPE White fused alumina can be used for refractory and abrasive.It has high harness (Mohs hardness can be 9) which is suitable for wet blasting.High tempertaure resistance and high purity can be added into refractory materials.It can effectively improve the performance of refractories, improve the
  • Can white corundum powder be recycled?
    Can white corundum powder be recycled?
  • White Fused Alumina F30-F54 For Grinding Wheel
    White fused alumina F30-F54 for grinding wheelProduct IntroductionWhite fused alumina oxide was made from the high quality alumina oxide by melting above 2000°C in the electric arc furnace and cooling.
  • White Fused Alumina For Investment Casting
    Investment casting or lost-wax casting process is used for the manufacturing of net shape metal alloy components. Highly complex and critical components are manufactured to net shape by this process. The metal alloys may be ferrous, non-ferrous or super-alloys depending upon the criticality of the component application. The manufacturing process of the net shape components through investment casting involves the following steps.