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  • Characteristics of Sintered Mullite
    * Uniform expansion* Excellent thermal shock stability* High load softening point* Small high temperature creep value* High hardness* Good chemical resistance
  • What is sintered mullite?
    Sintered Mullite is choosed the natural high-quality bauxite, through multi-level homogenization, calcined at over 1750℃. It is characterized by high bulk density, stable quality, stable thermal shock resistance, low index of high temperature creep and good chemical corrosion resistance performance
  • 2022 Happy New Year
    Chinese Lunar New Year is coming.
  • The applications of mullite
    The applications of mullite
  • SEPPE Mullite Sand 70mseh
    Mullite sand is aluminum silicate refractory materials, normally used in stainless steel precision casting technology.
  • This Is A Brief Introduction About Mullite Powder
    Mullite rarely occurs as a mineral in nature. In fact, the word mullite is derived from the Isle of Mull off the English coast, where the only naturally occurring deposits of mullite have ever been found.
  • SEPPE Mullite Sand
    Mullite sand is a rare silicate mineral. Mullite sand is made by kaolin through high heat sintering. Mullite sand origin in mainly distributed in the zhangqiu shandong and north of anhui and so on.
  • Preparation of High Pure Fine SEPPE Mullite Powder
    The preparation of high‐purity mullite powders (3Al2O3· 2SiO2) was examined using aluminum salts or boehmite and fumed silica.
  • SEPPE Mullite
    Mullite is the mineralogical name given to the only chemically stable intermediate phase in the SiO2 - Al2O3 system. It is a high alumino-silicate produced by calcining low alkali clays in a rotary kiln.Mullite is used in the manufacture of high quality fired and monolithic refractory product.