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Oil and Gas Well

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  • SEPPE Cenosphere Have A Wide Range Of Applications
    The four major properties of high fire resistance, lightweight insulation and high strength, fine-grained large surface area are integrated, doubling the value of cenospheres. No other lightweight insulation material can match this. It is not excessive to say that it is the king of insulation materi
  • High Refractoriness Of SEPPE Cenosphere
    SEPPE cenosphere is a lightweight, inert, hollow sphere filled with inert air or gas, typically produced as a byproduct of coal combustion at thermal power plants.The main chemical composition of SEPPE cenosphere is silicon and aluminum oxide, of which silicon dioxide is about 50-65% and aluminum ox
  • SEPPE Cenosphere With A Wide Range Of Applications
    1. For PaintingThe drift beads used in the coating can effectively control infrared radiation. Adding drift beads water-based intumescent coating on structural steel helps to make the coating and carbon layer structure more dense, effectively reduce the transfer of heat source to the metal surface,
  • The Market Outlook Of SEPPE Cenospheres
    Industries such as oil and gas, building, plastics, aerospace, automotive, and surface coating continue to be some of the leading consumers of cenospheres and new application areas are being devised at an encouraging pace. Owing to their natural properties, SEPPE cenospheres can be used in forms suc
  • Share Some Knowledge Points About SEPPE Cenosphere
    Microspheres have been known for years, but as demand for improved materials and increased functionality from everyday products grows, so too has demand for these strong yet intricate little balls.SEPPE cenospheres are made from the pulverized fuel ash produced as a waste product from coal-fired pow
  • The Advantages Of Low Density Cement With SEPPE Cenospheres
    With the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the demand for oil well cement used in oil and gas well cementing engineering is also constantly increasing. Especially due to the deepening of well depth and poor geological conditions, the demand for low-density oil well cement is even more urg
  • Applications of Cenospheres
    Cenospheres, which are the by-product of hard coal combustion, have a variety of applications due to their special properties.Cenospheres are used to reduce weight and increase the strength of concrete, resins, plastics, ceramics, paints, coatings and many other products including house panels & sid
  • How Ceramic Proppant Assists In Oil Exploitation
    Oilfield service companies fracture a well involving pumping a fracturing fluid containing proppant into a well and into an oil or gas reservoir generally using high rate and pressure. Pumping continues until fractures are initiated and desired fracture geometry is achieved. The proppants, which are
  • The Formation Of Cenosphere
    The formation of cenosphere involves four steps, namely decomposition, sintering, melting and cooling1. Coal-fired power plants grind coal into pulverized coal and spray it into the furnace of power generation boiler to make it suspend for combustion.2. Most of the combustible components of coal (ca
  • Artificial Bauxite Sand
    Artificial Bauxite SandArtificial bauxite sand is made from bauxite with other raw material. It has high strength, good fire resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent air permeability. So artificial bauxite sand is widely employed as casting sand and proppant.