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garnet waterjet abrasive

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  • Selecting the right waterjet abrasive from SEPPE
    Selecting the right abrasive type and size for a waterjet cutting application can make a significant difference in the performance and profitability of equipment.Abrasive selection begins with an examination of the material and the cutting specifications. The difficulty involved in cutting the mat
  • Why Do Most Waterjet Machines Use Garnet as an Abrasive?
    Why Do Most Waterjet Machines Use Garnet as an Abrasive?
  • What is Water Jet Cutting?
    Water-jet cutting, also known as water cutting, namely high pressure water jet cutting technology. Water-jet cutting is a generic term used to describe equipment that uses a high pressure stream of water for cutting or cleaning purposes.
  • Why Do Most Waterjet Machines Use Garnet as an Abrasive?
    Abrasives make up one of the most important components in the waterjet cutting process. While a pure waterjet (without abrasives) can cut softer materials like foam and rubber, adding an abrasive substance enhances the jet’s cutting capability — to the point where you can cut glass, steel.
  • What is Water Jet Cutting?
    What is Water Jet Cutting?There are two options to the process.Pure WaterPressurise water to 60,000 psi (3,600 bar) then project it through an orifice. This creates a significant amount of energy concentrated in a narrow jet of water, travelling at close to the speed of sound.