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white fused alumina abrasive

A list of these white fused alumina abrasive articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional white fused alumina abrasive, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Production of WFA
    White fused alumina is made of high-quality bauxite, which is smelted in an arc at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees and then cooled. It is suitable for the manufacture of ceramics, resin bonded abrasives, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc. It can also be used to m
  • The advantages of white fused alumina for casting
    White fused alumina, also called white corundum, is widly used in refractory, casting and abrasive materials.Here is the advantgaes of WFA for casting:1. The shell type made by white corundum has stable thermochemical properties, high fluidity, and no layering problems;2. White corundum has high str
  • How is white corundum powder made
    How is white corundum powder made
  • Various Fused Alumina Brief Introduction
    Corundum has many colors as it contains different pigment particles. According to the color of corundum, it can be divided into Brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, black fused alumina, etc. They are all belong to artificial abrasives and widely used for abrasive industry.
  • South Korea Customers Visit
    Today,we show our white fused alumina factory to our Korea customers.
  • SEPPE White Fused Alumina Loading
    Today, We are loading white fused alumina 180# in our plant. It will be send to Colombia from Xingang port China.
  • White Fused Alumina For Bonded Abrasives
    Fused aluminum oxides are synthetic hard minerals based on α-aluminum oxide. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electrothermal fusion at temperatures around 2000 C.
  • White Fused Alumina F30-F54 For Grinding Wheel
    White fused alumina F30-F54 for grinding wheelProduct IntroductionWhite fused alumina oxide was made from the high quality alumina oxide by melting above 2000°C in the electric arc furnace and cooling.
  • White Fused Aluminum Oxide For Anti-Skid
    Anti -skid surfaces are used extensively in the high traffic area for industrial flooring and ship deck to provide traction and slip resistant.
  • White Fused Alumina For Investment Casting
    Investment casting or lost-wax casting process is used for the manufacturing of net shape metal alloy components. Highly complex and critical components are manufactured to net shape by this process. The metal alloys may be ferrous, non-ferrous or super-alloys depending upon the criticality of the component application. The manufacturing process of the net shape components through investment casting involves the following steps.