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A list of these sandblasting articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional sandblasting, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • BFA And Garnet For Sandblasting
    Brown corundum is an artificial abrasive, while garnet is a natural abrasive;Brown corundum is made by bauxite and in a 2200 ℃ electric arc furnace at high temperature. It is brownish red or reddish brown.Garnet abrasives are extracted from rock minerals and processed into various particle sizes th
  • The Benefits Of Garnet Sand Used For Sandblasting
    SEPPE Garnet is one of the very best abrasive options for many blast shop operations. High speed, very low dust and the lowest consumption rate compared to conventional abrasives highlight the advantageous of SEPPE Garnet. Some of the other benefits are listed below.1.Extremely hard (7.5-8 MOH Hard
  • The Major Differences Between Wet Sandblasting VS Dry Sandblasting
    Wet blasting does not impregnate media into the surface and creates no heat which eliminates part warping.Dry sandblasting leaves a much duller and textured finish compared to the wet blasting.It is also important to mention that since water is added there is no harmful dust with no dust collector
  • About Garnet Abrasive Sand For Sandblasting
    Garnet abrasive sand is in the most potential and widely used abrasive field, which can be cleaned on the metal surface to produce ideal angular rough surface.Therefore it is used in the industries that are closely related to the production, such as ship hull, bridges, pipes, steel structures sandb
  • Precautions For Use Of Garnet Sand In Sand Blasting Process
    (1) Humidity of the air during garnet sandblastingWhen the relative humidity in the air reaches 85% or the surface temperature of the object blasted with garnet sand is less than 3℃, the blasting operation shall be stopped.(2) Time interval of garnet sand blasting and paintingGenerally speaking, pai
  • The standards of garnet sand for waterjet cutting and sandblasting
    Grain size of garnet abrasiveThere are coarse, medium and fine grains in the grain size of garnet abrasive. Practice has proved that the grinding capacity of the grinding powder after centrifugal separation will be 20% higher than that before separation. Fine particles play a very small role in grin
  • Application range of White Fused Alumina
    Application range of White Fused Alumina, SEPPE
  • Money saving alternative for used abrasive
    With subtractive machining processes, the discussion eventually turns towards what to do with the collected leftover bits. While CNC mills have to worry about material chips and oils, abrasive waterjet users have to deal with spent abrasive. With abrasive feed rates capable of exceeding 2lbs a minute, that spent abrasive can accumulate at a very rapid rate. What to do with that used abrasive tends to fall into three catego​ries: disposing, recycling, and repurposing.
  • Abrasive Blasting
    Rusty metal, peeling paint, and corrosion don't stand a chance against abrasive blasting when it's done with skill. Compressed air—often under as much as 100 pounds of pressure—allows an abrasive to scour a surface to remove what you don't want, or to clean and polish a surface.