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A list of these abrasive articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional abrasive, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Do You Know The Differences Between BFA And WFA?
    1) Their colors are different. Brown Fused Alumina (BFA) is brown and White Fused Alumina (WFA) is white.2) BFA bulk density is (1.53~1.99g/cm3) and true density (3.90g/cm3). While WFA bulk density (1.75~1.95g/cm3) and specific gravity (3.95~3.97g/cm3).3) Main raw material of BFA is bauxite, and mai
  • Is There Anything Waterjet Cannot Cut
    Waterjet cutting is known for its versatility and ability to cut through almost any material, but does even this technology have limits? Are there things a water jet cannot cut through?It's better that the question is phrased this way, what cannot be cut by a water jet rather than approaching it fro
  • About Calcined Bauxite Market(By Application)
    The major factor driving the bauxite market is the increasing demand for alumina and aluminum from end-use industries, such as construction, automotive, and electronics.The market has been segmented by application into aluminum production, abrasives, refractories, and others. The aluminum production
  • Key Method to Cut Down Repairs to Your Waterjet
    Always keep the working environment free of dust and debris. Especially in the case of waterjets as they are operated in an environment filled with garnet abrasives. So, you have to be cautious about keeping everything clean as much as you can. This will significantly reduce your repair and maintena
  • Selection of SEPPE Water Cut Garnet Sand
    Garnet abrasives come in a variety of shapes, however, the correct garnet abrasive for your application will depend on the material you’re cutting and the desired finish. For example, if you’re cutting metal, a garnet abrasive with a sharp, angular shape will be best suited for the job. On the other
  • Difference Between Garnet Sand And Quartz Sand
    Garnet sand is a naturally processed natural abrasive with high hardness and Mohs hardness of 7.5-8; Garnet sand has sharp sharp corners and forms a certain roughness on the surface of the sandblasted object, which is also beneficial to the adsorption of the coating, so as to achieve better sandblas
  • The Formation Of Cenosphere
    The formation of cenosphere involves four steps, namely decomposition, sintering, melting and cooling1. Coal-fired power plants grind coal into pulverized coal and spray it into the furnace of power generation boiler to make it suspend for combustion.2. Most of the combustible components of coal (ca
  • Application range of White Fused Alumina
    Application range of White Fused Alumina, SEPPE
  • Uses of Brown Fused Alumina(two)
    Uses of Brown Fused Alumina(two)
  • Uses of Brown Fused Alumina(One)
    Uses of Brown Fused Alumina(One)
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